2013 Festival



 " All those who work relentlessly for  the success of this festival, know that the medal that I have just received from Mrs Marisa Berenson, Unesco peace artist, is first a trophy that is dedicated to them along  with all those who contributed to  the success of the previous editions”

Statement of His Royal Highness  Prince Moulay Rachid
During the Fellini Medal Reception

Dear friends, During this Festival, in this wonderful country and this so welcoming city of Marrakesh, I am very honored to receive this "Golden star" from the managers of this Film Festival, which became a "Must" in the calendar of everyone.
Thank you for the Bottom of the heart …
I am very happy to be among you again , and LIVE the Festival!

Claudia Cardinale


I was  ask me to write a few  words expressing my mood for the moment. Here it is! I swallow 15 pills a day, I piss 17 times per hour under the influence of these same medicines supposedly compulsory for the state of my heart. I make monstrous attempts against the addiction to smoking, The only slight light for the moment is to know that I would soon be among you in this magic city, MARRAKECH, which is a real  balm for all the neurasthenicss.

Youssef Chahine

 I ‘ve always kept a wonderfull memory of Morocco. It is during my first stay over there in March, 1970, at  the occasion of the Mohammedia International Golf Week, that I met my wife Micheline and received the masculine prize of   The  King of Morocco’s Cup "
People I met there showed much kindness and a legendary hospitality. This to mention  fact that I lived the most unforgettable   film experiences) " The Man Who Wanted To Be A King " whose shooting required travelling  cross this magnificent country.
I also played in  " Bandits … Bandits! " shot in Ouarzazate with the Monty Pythons.
One year ago, my wife and I took all our family, 20 persons, to Marrakech for Christmas and the New Year. Everybody found that it was a "magic" journey and we had fun great fun. Useless to say that we are really happy to return here.

Sir Sean Connery


 I came specially to participate to this big workshopIt is true that I am present just for a few days, but I take advantage of it to meet these young Moroccan film-makers, orient them and inspire them, so that they can express their passion   for the cinema ".

Martin Scorsese

Press Conference - Marrakesh Tribeca Filmmaker Exchange - Marrakesh

 I was very  pleased when I found them on this stage.  I remember myself in 1980, I had some difficulties of creation. I looked one evening at several movies, sometimes, I did not understand much, but the images and the music were enough for me. This music puts me in trance.
From this moment, I realized that, apart from the actors, the sound track was very important. I had to find musics which awaken the spirit, which inspire me. Then, I was interested in the preIslamic poetry all this let towards my movie The temptation of the Christ, Aviator. There is temptation in both ancient and new instruments. It is more that a simple music, it is also a spiritual experience...

Martin Scorsese
Opening ceremony of the Fifth edition of the FIFM.
Martin Scorsese received a surprise homage from Nass El Ghiwan…


I am very happy to chair the jury this year’s jury,  and it is an opportunity for me to view movies that I have no leisure to see.

Roman Polanski
Inaugural session of the FIFM’s 6éme edition

It is necessary to multiply points of view and film approaches by giving the film-makers to speak means to speak about their knowledge and  so widen our perception of the world.
I am particularly happy to receive from Martin Scorsese's this trophy  , Scorsese has a large view of the worldly cinema,  he is  a modest and generous .

Abbas Kiarostami 
Tribute ceremony - Abbas Kiarostami in 2005

 " It is not an end of career  tribute … We can still see me in a movie or a play. This recognition makes me feel good  as it  comes from my homeland, it is a Royal act. This makes me feel happy and proves that a mother never forgets her children "

5th edition tribute


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