Last year, for the tenth anniversary of the Marrakech International Film Festival (FIFM), I concluded my editorial with the clear statement of our commitment to promote new cinematographic talents in our country.

This year, at the dawn of the second decade of the FIFM, I wish to make the following statement: it is no accident that Moroccan cinema should open and end our 11th edition, as it results indeed from the happy and deliberate meeting of a great Festival and a strong emerging cinema!

The FIFM was born concurrently with the renewal of Moroccan cinema, in the early days of this century. Therefore, our Festival and the national cinema production are tied together. With the passing of time, they have even become indebted to each other: the FIFM, because the growing production of Moroccan films legitimates it as the choice showcase of national cinema; and the film production, since only an event of the calibre of the FIFM can make it relevant by promoting it urbi et orbi via world media.

And if during this 11th edition the “Moroccan cinema at heart” section is all about the diversity of the Moroccan production, through four very different samples of the fruitful imagination of our filmmakers, it is indeed to emphasize the deep connection between the FIFM and Moroccan cinema.

In time, the FIFM is to support increasingly the development of the national cinema and its most promising qualities: creativity and diversity. Thus the FIFM confirms its rootedness in today’s very much alive Morocco.

His Royal Highness Prince Moulay Rachid
Marrakech International Film Festival Foundation President

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